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"We offer best service with affordable pricing, when you make a purchase with us we guarantee you the satisfaction, check our below lowest rates"

For Bulk Messaging we have 4 routes and pricing is based on the routes, here you can compare the difference between 4 routes and based on your requirements you can chose which route is suitable for you.

SMS Route & Difference at Glance

  Normal Priority Marketing Transactional
Delivery Timings 0 -15 minutes Within 5 seconds 0 – 4 hours Within 5 seconds
DND Filtering Yes Yes Yes No
DND Re-Credit Yes Yes Yes No
Sender ID No No No Yes (6 Characters)
API Access Yes Yes No Yes
Pricing Normal Little High Low Average

Marketing Route Pricing*

Quantity Per Price Total Price Validity
1000 40 paise Rs.400 90 Days
5000 30 paise Rs.1,500 90 Days
10000 25 paise Rs.2,500 180 Days
25000 20 paise Rs.5,000 180 Days
50000 17 paise Rs.8,500 365 Days
1 Lakh 14 paise Rs.14,000 Unlimited
5 Lakhs 12 paise Rs.60,000 Unlimited
10 Lakhs 10 paise Rs.1,00,000 Unlimited

Transactional Route Pricing*

Quantity Per Price Total Price Validity
1000 N/A N/A N/A
5000 35 paise Rs.1,750 90 Days
10000 30 paise Rs.3,000 180 Days
25000 25 paise Rs.6,250 180 Days
50000 20 paise Rs.10,000 365 Days
1 Lakh 17 paise Rs.17,000 Unlimited
5 Lakhs 15 paise Rs.75,000 Unlimited
10 Lakhs 13 paise Rs.1,30,000 Unlimited
*Service Tax 15% Extra

10% special discount for Educational Institutions & Hospitals.

Every 160 characters of SMS constitutes 1 SMS Unit. If the number of characters in your message exceeds the 160 limit (e.g.161 characters), it will be counted as 2 SMS Units. To send 1 SMS Unit you need 1 credit.

Our Bulk SMS service is fully transparent and 100% compliant with TRAI's NDNC and NCCP. We filter 100% DND listed numbers before sending the Bulk SMS, so that no customer have to face consequences of Bulk SMS Marketing.

Please note for allocating transactional gateway we have certain terms and conditions, no marketing contents are strictly allowed, for more details please contact us.

Any Changes in rules and Regulations by TRAI or Operator will be applicable with effect from the date communication.